The Upshot:

driven by international cooperations & leading marketing partners world wide


To all partners and piloting heroes out there:

Final Integration Tests & First Piloting Sites on air!


Online Positioner NextGen

coming up April 1st, 2017 – Highlights:

  • Full Stack of Editing Tools including client side hybrid/offline Mode for decent travellers
  • Full Stack of Reporting & Analysis Tools based on Content + SEO Streams
  • Fully Automated Content Delivery and Social Ignitions
  • Full Integration into brand new IaC landscape for managed services providers
  • 100% White Label Solution
  • Full API for external CMS Systems
  • fully automated and in the background:
    data-driven content analysis on drugs based on real-time
    semantic indexing and deep learning processes

Still challenging staging tasks ahead till ‘GOING LIVE’:

  • only 56% of translations for international partners carried out ! WARNING ! crowdsourced translations of all coop-partners may be not enough !
  • Next Generation MVC layer shows some decent performance issues at scale-out in production envs
  • API as front-end / back-end interface still needs in-depth documentation for DevOps Teams AND further load-testing
  • english as lead language for all parties not universally lived on ! dear french, spanish and german spoken cowards – forget about your regional princedoms ! Come on ! Do it – finally !
  • marketing and sales needs urgently ALL agreed on screenshots and use cases! Business Cases have to be developed end of february latest !

After finishing all international coordination meetings and closed phase one tests already NOW is the time for all internal tests before QA at pilot customer stage will happen starting mid of february.

In the final going live round in march there should be no more technical issues left BUT a huge gap is expected and identified already as the major resisting point for going public and on air for all sales partners in translations and sales material production.

content production and native speaker feedback loops are already installed within the platform BUT response times of all parties is why too slow at the moment. RED ALARM HERE!

I wish you all the best and hope the promising product dev part will be followed up by decent results in localization of the product and sales/marketing materials soon …

keep winning under the radar my friends 🙂

one of my favorite quotes from the last power housing event with you girls and guys – LOL …

totally stressed out but happy!

your master of disaster

Want to see some crazy results coming out  during the final functional tests of backend-frontend project?

I know, I know regional results for germans only 🙂 BUT one big message: